Tuesday, June 14, 2011

my bride

Our photographer at Grace snapped off this shot of my wife working in the HUB this past Sunday morning. I love the smile of my bride here, it captures what I know to be true about my wife Anne. At the intro of the message on Sunday I said these words about my wife concerning marriage vows...

"With that commitment came some major responsibilities and some incredible joys. Let’s just say it this way, there are times in this beautiful journey and commitment of marriage that God shows us that it is so very worth it... and this week as we took a motorcycle ride together to North Webster for an ice cream float I was reminded that 23 years of honoring this vow of marriage is so very much worth it.

Because when you look across the table while sipping on a root beer float at your helpmate who has walked through the birth and daily celebrations of your children, the high school graduation of a son, 23 anniversaries, 15 years of ministry, 9 years of college, grad, and doctorate study, has flown across the world to love on orphan kids, followed you through the darkness of death of loved ones, witnessed the highs of answered prayer and the lows of sin’s hold on loved ones, tasted the joy of the grand canyon as you stood with your children on the very edge and she stood back at a distance praying,  enjoyed the warm sunshine of each coastal shore, cheered you on from the second chair when others misquoted or mailed you a letter telling how horrible you are, laughed the night away while raccoons ate your camp food as you helplessly huddled in a leaky tent only to finally say that is enough when they went for your pop tarts, dug and planted crops in the ground for a garden so that you could relive a childhood passion, walked into large rooms only because her husband was the keynote speaker, spiced up the romance with fun spontaneous interludes, tediously kept track of every financial receipt from  a zillion Twizzlers to 30-06’s, smiled as you experienced the thrill of a bear kill and the rumble of a Harley in your garage, ran 4.64 billion miles to stay in shape, traveled the Pennsylvania turnpike 4 triillion times to visit family, scraped food together and stood in food lines in College and Seminary so that your family could eat, made the home a place of refuge, spent your entire marriage interceding in prayer, washed two freight liners of clothes, organized 757 van pools for the kid’s sports, chose not to eat garlic or eat ranch dressing because you can’t stand the smell, and never, not once gave her affections or heart to another man, and so much more … Nothing is more rewarding, satisfying and valuable then following through on those vows with the person you are presently married to."

I am blessed to have a wife who understands commitment and stays true to the vows she made 23 years ago!

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