Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Those who fail to plan, will plan to fail. Good preparation is required  for a successful adventure. I have witnessed on many occasions a plan go south because of poor preparation. Most successful people work hard in the preparation stage and are ready at a moment's notice if their number is called.

I love watching people step in with confidence and knock it out of the ballpark, because they did their homework.

Last week when I was in Alaska black bear hunting, I felt confident that if a bear walked into my shooting range I had a chance to be successful. Part of that reason was that I had shot 100 rounds through my 30-06 from a variety of distances. So when Mr Black Bear stepped out all I had to do was do what I had already done 100 times before this moment. I must admit though that I whispered a quick prayer asking God to guide the bullet.

So what is that profession, position, goal, dream, achievement that you desire the opportunity for? Go do your homework and get ready if your number is called!

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