Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wear it

If you are married, somewhere in your ceremony the pastor walked you through some vows concerning your rings. The rings are a symbol that you wear to remind you of the vows that were made.

One of the primary symbols is that you will commit to love this person till death parts you. It also tells everyone as soon as they see you that you are spoken for and not available. It helps protect you from unwanted advances. It also is a daily reminder that you have a teammate that God has given you to give your own affections to.

Yet, married people have stopped wearing their wedding bands for a variety of reasons. The ring doesn't fit, they don't want it to get ruined, they have gotten out of the habit, they don't want to cut off their finger, they are mad at each other, the list goes on...

Lets stop this nonsense and wear our rings and be loud and proud about our love and commitment to our spouses. Lets protect the sanctity of marriage by letting everyone know we are spoken for. This might mean you have to sell your flat screen TV to buy a new one because the old one doesn't fit. Your ring symbolizes and carries great value WEAR IT!

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