Friday, July 22, 2011

remove the labels

I love how God redeems people, marriages, businesses, teams, projects, homes and so much more. He loves making things new and instilling hope into hopelessness. He is able to take our past failures, mess-ups, colossal bombs and put us back to level ground. And what I love the most he removes all the labels from our past, all the names that people knew us by.

I wish we did a better job of that as Christians. I wish we worked hard at seeing people for who they could be and who they are in Jesus. Yet, for some it is so easy to freeze a person in the past, to classify them with a label and to hold them with that name for as long as they live.

What might happen if today you choose to throw the labels away and start afresh with your wife, husband, child, coworker, coach and teacher? There is power in forgiveness, redemption and moving on. However, it begins with you today! Go to the trash can and toss the labels and watch the amazing work of redemption do what it is so good at!

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