Monday, July 11, 2011

This move was huge

19 years ago this month we packed up everything we owned and left this home when Josh was only 9 months old. We knew in our hearts that it would be one of the hardest things we had ever done up to that point in our young lives. We felt called by God to move to Indiana and enroll at Grace Seminary.

It was hard leaving family and friends, yet we knew that God wanted us to do this. I will never forget the drive away, as tears ran down my face and Josh was blowing raspberries in the front seat of the Ryder Truck.

There were many unknown answers for us, yet we were confident that God was leading. When we arrived in Winona Lake and unpacked our truck and sat in the boxes all alone in our new apartment there was peace among the tears. While the future was uncertain and yet to be written we were going to give it our very best effort.

Now 19 years later, 3 kids, 15 years at Grace Community, and a zillion God moments we can say it was so worth it. God has taught us so many things and we are better people because of this step of faith. So as we rode by this home yesterday on our way back to Indiana we stopped and snapped a picture of Josh in front of the home we left 19 years ago. He sure has grown into a great man of God, from the 9 month old raspberry-blowing baby boy.

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