Sunday, July 3, 2011

sword talk

The Bible gives implicit instruction concerning our battle gear. It says put it on! Yet all across our world Christians aimlessly walk through the battle zone partially dressed. We leave ourselves vulnerable to the Enemy's attacks on our lives.

There is also clear evidence in Ephesians 6 that some armour is for defense and some for offense. The Bible is called the sword of the Spirit. It is one of our offensive weapons to score and advance on the enemy.

Picture if you will an infantry of soldiers on the front lines without their weapons in their hands, then imagine when the call comes to shoot or advance and one of the soldiers stops and says I'm not sure where my weapon is. At those moments you will be defeated. Now imagine a group of soldiers in the bunker turning and stabbing each other with their weapons. Seems ridiculous, yet it happens everyday in the Christian world.

We stab our own over secondary issues of theology and Satan stands back and laughs because he has us right where he wants us. Isn't it time we quit this nonsense of shooting our own and lashing them through blogs, FB, and twitter? Isn't it time we fight the real enemy and join as one to advance the kingdom as one in Jesus?

The sword is dangerous and is an incredible weapon for Christians to use. Lets dig into it, study it, carry it, quote it to win the battle. But  in the process lets use it on the enemy not on our own!

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