Thursday, August 11, 2011


Exactly three years ago on our first trip to Thailand to visit our children we visited this very same elephant farm. On that trip my son Josh was picked out of the entire crowd to challenge an elephant to a game of busting balloons with darts. It was fun and unbelievable that he was picked out of all the people there.

Today in very same farm the elephant came out to play darts. Guess who got picked out of the hundreds of people gathered, my son Isaiah.

As a father I pray every single day for my family and I always, yes always pray for God's favor on them. You might say it was a coincidence, but I believe it was one of the ways God loves to answer prayer. Besides doesn't every dad want favor on their kids.

Favor from God is played out in many ways, yet I still believe it shows up in a jungle in Thailand   when someone needs to throw darts in an elephant show.

Thanks God for this little touch on my son Isaiah, he loved it and now can share a rare experience with his brother for the rest of his life.

Psalm 90:17 may the favor of the Lord rest upon us. Establish the work of your hands...
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