Thursday, August 11, 2011

Farewell, Solong, Goodbye

In a few hours we will say goodbye to this new family that God has given us. Three years ago these children were hopeless and their future was dark, bleak, and without a touch of genuine love. Many of these kids quite- frankly would die without ever knowing Jesus, family,or true love.

Grace Community Church said "no to that" and on a cold February morning three years ago. I delivered a message that we must do something about this, that we cannot let this go on, that somewhere in our world are orphans begging God for hope and deliverance.

I will never forget that morning when my church gave enough in one offering to build two orphanages and feed 100,000 meals for starving people in our world. On that day God himself was moved to the edge of heaven to watch because he loves orphans.

So in this picture you can witness what can happen when redemption takes place, when the church joins arms to fight against the evil in our world, when kids squeal with delight because mom and dad, brother and sister, grandma and grandpa, and the cousins are in town to visit.

As I close this post and prepare for the emotional goodbye, there is a part in my heart that swells with pride for Grace Community Church!

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