Wednesday, August 3, 2011


There are so many things in this world vying for our time and attention. And it can be very challenging to discern how best to use our time. Yet, some things are just clear, very clear. The Bible gives us a clear command to just go!

My family and I have this as a mantra in our home that we will go to the uttermost parts of the world if need be to rescue people with the good news of the Gospel. As a result of this, we have spent time in places that are very dark and often requires us to trust in Jesus. But, as a father I want my children's world view to be shaped by these experiences so that they can see the world like our Savior does.

Tomorrow morning I lead a team of 14 from our church and head to Cambodia and Thailand. We will be loving on orphan kids that we have rescued. My son Isaiah will be on this trip with me and this will be his second trip to Asia. I am looking forward to sharing this time with him as we  experience some divine encounters of God. Plus, I look forward to him flexing his muscles with the boys over there.

We would appreciate your prayers. Asia here we come!

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