Saturday, August 6, 2011

48 hours later

We made it to Battambang after leaving Goshen at 5am on Thursday Morning. The total trip including layovers lasted 48 hours. Well technically it was 60 hours since we are 12 hours ahead of the US.

The team has been very patient and there has not been one complaint on the entire trip. That's even after 4 of us arrived here without luggage. Jared, Ana, Isaiah and yours truly. Oh well at least we made it and we all smelled the same! Besides how can one complain when the very clothes you are wearing cost more than the average person here makes in a year. But I would have sold them in a heartbeat for that amount to the first bidder who had a weak sniffer.

The kids were waiting for us as we pulled up to the hotel waving, clapping, smiling and holding a banner that said welcome to Battambang. The mere anticipation of seeing them again and hearing the words "daddy, daddy, daddy" just flooded my eyes with tears.

There is something incredibly satisfying holding the hand of child that would be hopeless, destitute, lost and all alone on the streets with evil men ready to ause them. It brings great joy to know that we have rescued these precious angels and given a them a family that loves them. Even as I type through tears right now I say thanks Grace Community Church because your investment is changing the world.

We spent time wading through the mass mob of joy, laughter and family and I loved watching the instant bond being created with the team members. Besides doesn't every little kid love having their family visit them. The shower that followed this moment in our rooms was, well, lets just say majestic as the stink washed away. Ah, hot water never felt so good.

Now our bodies will tell us what to do, as some of us will find ourselves doing the chah-chah at 3 in the morning and others will sleep right through the rapture. Sure glad I'm a pre-tribber. I wouldn't trade this trip for anything because the look that was welded in my hardrive of these kids standing and waving for us, will be more then enough to help me wade through the weariness my body now feels. But I must admit I sure would give anything for a pair of shorts and socks right now. I better move on, as I was just informed I get to preach tomorrow morning. Imgaine a room filled with the sound of kids giggling, smiling and God himself saying well done. That's how I get to spend my day tomorrow.

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