Tuesday, August 23, 2011

No straddling allowed

This past Sunday I took time to look at the Book of Nahum. This book is a picture of Ninevah some 150 years after the Great Revival that took place with Jonah. Needless to say it is not a pretty picture. God is wiping out the Ninevites because they had turned back to their former ways.

Somewhere a slow fade began among the people. Somewhere a compromise of truth and God's Word. Somewhere they just wandered away form God and no one stood up and said no. The same could happen to us today if we do not remain in the first chair as Christians. We must stay connected to God or we will end up with a generation that neither knows God or miraculous things he has done.

We also must not straddle seats. I ask you today , what seat are you sitting in? In order for us to impact our world for Jesus we must lead from the 1st chair, any other chair will send the next generations to places far, far away, from God. And we know what happened in Nahum...

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