Wednesday, August 24, 2011

for men only

There has never been a time more ripe for men to shine in our world. The press is loaded with stories of moral failure, greedy embezzlement's gone awry, fatherless children, and more of the same.

Lets face it, men need to be part of a  great challenge, something that pulls the moral fibers of courage out of them. Tasks that leave them exhausted of all of their energies and resources; moments that print eternal impact on our world way beyond their eulogies. Yet, way too many men finish their days filled with menial tasks that provide income for bread and eggs and a 401.

Seriously, I am saddened by how many men spend all their waking hours consumed in fluff  that will not impact eternity. Many are on this meaningless train and Satan has them eating right out of his hand.

You see, I believe God longs to see so much more from us then coasting through life for a bigger paycheck, so we can retire in some dream home sipping coffee, reading the Wall Street Journal and playing sudoku.

Plain and simple, are you advancing the kingdom? Are Demons reporting back to Satan and shouting, "we must stop this man or we are in trouble? Or are you just sucking air and wasting space? The world is loaded with nice guys, who drive nice cars, and have nice lawns, and nice barns, and nice children, and nice retirement plans. But it is longing for courageous men to awake from their slumber.

Enough said!

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