Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The power in thank you

I have traveled all over the world and have logged 1000's of miles on airlines. I have witnessed some of the poorest conditions known to mankind up close. I once landed in an airport in Saigon Vietnam and was greeted by a small handwritten sign with the name Brown on it by a taxi driver. I have stood in lines to obtain Visas for many countries.

I have had flight attendants say hello and goodbye in many different languages. I have been greeted by people of all races and religions. I have been invited to a wedding in the middle of a jungle and have been blessed by meals served by widows on a farm in Thailand. I have eaten Chicken that was one hour old in a hut in Vietnam. I even had a rat enjoy the same breakfast cereal , from the box I chose on a cool Cambodian morning.

I have been welcomed by guests from all over the world. Yet, you can always tell when someone is genuinely grateful and thankful that you are there.

A few weeks back we landed in Chiangmai Thailand and we were greeted by our Thailand Children and the Director of Asia's Hope. Her name is Tutu Bee, she is truly the present Mother Teresa in our World. She has given her life to rescue orphans. As you can see she dressed for the occasion in an American Flag Shirt. It was her way to say thank-you to our team for rescuing orphans.

This picture will never find it's way in Newsweek nor for that matter will Tutu. But in the darkness of a warm night in the middle of nowhere, while most Americans were fast asleep, an expression of thanks was a warm gesture for some weary travelers. Work hard today to show someone you appreciate them with a genuine thank-you!

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