Thursday, September 1, 2011

If you love redemption then

These pictures scream redemption. These photos reveal what can happen when a church says lets do our part in rescuing orphans.

Please look carefully at these photos and look at the smiles and joy on our children's faces. Look how their beds are lined with photos of each person that has visited them over  the last three years. We are their family and they are reminded of that each time they crawl into bed at night.
Even the doll baby was a gift we bought the girls on a visit a couple of years ago.
For the first time in many years these children now have their own bedroom and do not have to eat and sleep on the same floor.
It is obvious to me that our children, who have lost their moms and dads for a variety of reasons now feel part of a family and that brings tears of joy to my heart.

As I look at the pictures I also see pictures of my family on the walls and beds of each of these girls and the Dad in me comes out. Just so you know, I will always be there to protect,help and  care for their needs. These are my new adopted sons and daughters so don't mess with them!

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Jill said...

The Brown Bytes: you guys are awesome, Im proud to know you and be a part of Grace community.