Thursday, August 18, 2011

Seriously how can one

While shopping in the market in Thailand Isaiah and I ran across this vendor's booth. If you know me well then you know that I was drawn to this booth. It was as if it was dropped out of heaven for me and my boys. It was screaming in the Thai dialect Sawaddy-Cup...

So, I stopped and my eyes spun like the icons do on a lottery machine. Seriously how can one make a good decision when so many options are whispering buy me? Well, it was pretty simple for me this time, because I had made a decision ahead of time to buy for my son Josh, and for him alone. Yet my want-gene was running through the photo-viewer of me with more then one pair of these shoes. Plus they were cheap, really cheap. Did I say dirt-cheap, the kind of cheap that I will never see in America?

Well, I walked away with a hot pair of lime green and black Nike Air for Josh and enjoyed my red Nike's that we already on my feet.

All that to say this, Everyday we have decisions to make that must be made. We cannot let our emotions rule our decisions or we will walk away feeling good in the moment but full of regret later when reality strikes.

Choose wisely and prepare yourself ahead of time so that you do stand in the wish-I-didn't return line.

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