Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What kind of garden are you growing

Just recently we picked some vegetables from our garden. As you can see it has been a bumper crop year for us. Hannah is cleaning the vegetables before we store them away.

In order for us to receive this crop we had to plant some seed in the ground a few months back. We are now reaping what we sowed. Everyday we plant a garden with our words. The words that you speak today are taking root in your garden of life. The Bible tells us that  the words that come from our mouths have the power of life or death.

I often remind my family to plant a good garden today. Don't plant seeds of crops that you will regret later. If you complain, whine, gripe, tell everyone how bad it is everyday, guess what you will be growing and harvesting tomorrow?

All that to say this, make a conscious choice to guard your words because those words will either produce a garden of life or death. I choose to plant life!

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