Thursday, September 15, 2011

only God

Next week I will be speaking at Grace College during Chapel for two days. When I enrolled at Grace in 1986 it was a difficult time in my life. That summer I walked through a broken engagement and it really rocked the plans I had made for my life. Everything was upside down and I needed to get away and see what God now had in store for me.

I remember taking a weekend away at the beach and asking God to speak to me concerning my future plans. It was a pivotal time in my life. You see, the person I was engaged to was a student at Grace College, and now I had to discern whether or not this was the plan for me. Was this still the plan for me or was God now redirecting my life?

I took out a tablet and began to write down the pros's and con's of still enrolling at Grace. I literally wrote down on one side of the tablet why I should not go and on the other side why I should go. I will never forget that weekend as God used that  weekend  to push me forward to Grace College.

The first weekend at Grace I met a young lady who had transferred in from Michigan State University. Well, you could say I was hooked. A few years later we graduated and began a life together. That pivotal weekend changed the direction of my life forever, because God clearly revealed his plan for me.

So when I pulled out of the driveway this morning and saw the two scarecrows in my front yard I was sent back to the day when I first saw my wife walking across Grace Campus in her State Sweatshirt. Only God could match a State Fan and Maryland Fan and make something good out of it!

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