Friday, September 16, 2011

team dynamics

There is such great power, synergy, and camaraderie in a team. This morning our tough mudder team gathered at 6:30 am for a run. We worked our way through the wooded trails with headlamps and flashlights. We watched the sunrise and listened to creation come alive. We ran through water from our ankles to our waist. We jumped over logs and navigated through tough terrain.

Yet something happens to you when you train as a team. You feel responsible to keep up, you don't want to let another teammate down. You close the gap on the guy in front of you sometimes purely out of pride. There is a refining and sharpening of your skills while you are in motion. You don't want to be that guy!

My whole staff at Grace is competing in this training routine plus Sam Armington and Kirt Hunsberger. There is something really special and powerful that is happening to us as team. We are pulling the best out of each other and guys are achieving goals they never have before in their lives and we celebrate together.

All that to say this our team is developing some pretty special camaraderie that only a few teams ever experience. I challenge leaders of teams to go and win in this arena too, the return is out of this world. Because physically healthy teams have greater energy to do what God has called them to accomplish!

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