Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fight for it

Today the enemy wants to assault your heart. He wants to rob and deplete you of all the valuable resources of your heart.

Way too many women give away the key to their heart to men who want to lust her and not love her. In turn that leaves women struggling with insecurity, because she places her value in a man and not in God. I beg you ladies to stop doing this.

The Bible strongly encourages us to guard our hearts, because it is the wellspring of life. Put a lock and chain on your heart when it comes to men. Don't give the key away until you have a good man, godly man, real man who loves Jesus and plans on committing his life to you. Until then, guard it so that when the right man comes along you are secure in Christ and confident enough to make a stand for your dignity, purity, and godliness!

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