Thursday, October 13, 2011

This one is for all the princesses out there!

As long as I lead Grace Community I promise to challenge, exhort, encourage, and call men to protect and love all the little princesses that are growing up in their homes.

We have been given an incredible opportunity to pour confidence and love into our daughters. So if you ever want to be the Man, Husband, and Father that God wants you to be then know that Grace Community will always challenge you to be that kind of man.

To all the princesses out there, I want you to know we are grateful that you attend Grace Community, don't ever settle for the first man that comes along. Make sure you wait until you find a man, a real man, a godly man who will do whatever it takes to lead and protect you with godliness and love!

Oh yeah, the dress above is my daughter's dress that she would put on and parade around in front of me as a little girl. I promise to do whatever it takes to do all of this for the two princesses in my house, Anne and Hannah!

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