Tuesday, October 18, 2011

totally worth it

Something new happens in a man's heart when you pull him away from the office, workplace, and everything that he finds familiar. Each year one of our primary ways we go after men and disciple them is an annual Wild at Heart Men's Retreat to Western Maryland.
We purposely build events that require men to work together. We have found that when men  share a common experience or task together they open up with each other.
We believe that every man has the desire to release the little boy in him and build things that are tested in competition.
We let them enjoy a 10 mile canoe ride together and row as a team.
We provide ample time to shoot shotguns, AR15s, and AK47s...
We remind them of what God desires of them as Godly men
 We spend time alone listening to God in the rain.

 We compete in a variety of fun relays...
 We feel the thrill of the starting blocks again..
We camp outside and shut out technology and experience God's creation.
Each man that was part of this weekend will never be the same again as he has been equipped with tools, resources, and experiences he can draw from for the rest of his life.

So every once in a while someone will ask me is this worth it? What do you think?

When you get the man, you get the family, you get the community, you get the world and the Gospel spread rapidly!


Kimberly Leasure said...

wow, sooo excellent.....Thank you for photo message. Makes me wish I were a man during that trip!

Kimberly Leasure said...
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Kimberly Leasure said...

Note, I thought the article was so very powerful that I "ditto-ed" my own comment! Thanks Jimmy...