Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Passing it down

Josh has been home for fall break from Grace College and it is always a blessing to have him around. He spent some time hanging with his little brother, Isaiah, on the hoops court at home.

I loved watching the two of them go at it on the court and I especially enjoyed the moments where Josh was instructing him about the game itself. Isaiah would take the information in and immediately try to apply it to his game.

As a Father, I desire to pass down every tool in the book for my kids to get a head start in life. I long to give my life away and not have anything left over that could benefit them for years to come. So, when I witness the same thing happening among my boys on the court outside I am deeply moved.

One day down the road the spin move that Josh was showing Isaiah could be the very move he needs to make, to break open a very close game. If not the value in two brothers sharpening their skills together was a proud moment for this Father!

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Felix said...

You have two lucky sons indeed, with the true dedication to their wellbeing you bear. All the best to you and your family!