Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Thankful

Give Thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus! 1Thessalonians 5:18

There it is, God's will for us, plain and simple. We are to be people of thanksgiving 24/7 in good, bad, hard, easy life-changing times.

So today I grabbed my yellow pad and wrote these words on it above and these are some of the things I am thankful for!
Needless to say the list is not exhaustive or placed in order of significance for those that want to critique it.

* My salvation at such an early age that provided me with hope for 44 years.
* My Savior Jesus Christ, who gives me so much joy and passion!
* My wife Anne who caught my eye 25 years ago when she donned a Michigan State Sweatshirt on Grace College campus and I was stricken by her beauty inside and out.
* My Mom, Dad, and Step Father who have loved me unconditionally for my entire life.
* My Children Josh, Hannah and Isaiah, who bring me so much joy as they stand for Jesus when most wouldn't!
* My Siblings who have shaped my life with their presence and love in ways most don't.
* My Ancestry that has shaped me.
* My Church, Grace Community who would fight to Hell and Back to see someone  get saved!
* My Staff who are like brothers to me and hold true to the calling on their life from Jesus.
* My Jeep that lets me go off road in 4wd and has dents and scratches of character all over it.
* My Harley that allows me to cruise with my precious wife.
* My health that allows me to achieve, accomplish and enjoy this life God has given me.
* My Friends who let me be me and accept me as I am

The list goes on:
Sunsets and sunrises, Walks in the woods, the changing of seasons, surprise pranks, basketball, running, golf, atvs, guns, holding my wife's hand, a smile from my kids, chicken sandwiches from Chic-fil-a, Martin's salad bar, Ipad and Iphone, Campfires, Black Bear Hunting In Alaska, Men coming alive and leading their families, talks with my wife, Texts from my kids, electric toothbrushes, sports drinks, playing golf with my boys and dad, cards and letters from mom, holiday meals with my family, camping, Myrtle Beach, anonymous thanks, Adidas shoes, pears, Cinnamon pop tarts, dead mice, prayer time with my wife, grace, forgiveness, non-judgmental people, preaching, God- moments, Watching people overcome, revival, Seeing Satan defeated, reconciliation in marriages, gardening, mowing on my John Deere, Jeff Gordon winning, the view of a big buck in my scope, places to hunt, laughter in the walls, sinned snuffed out, worship, leaders real leaders, Camouflage, boots, snow and lots of it, a warm home in the country,a good book, hunting, Churches on Mission, watching and experiencing and seeing someone surrender their lives to Jesus, Mondays, goals that keep me on track, Sunday mornings, firm mattresses, Orphans that are rescued, Competition, Aha moments when reading the Bible, generous people, answered prayer, road trips, and so much more...

How about you? 

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