Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I was struck with this thought yesterday

I take a lot of things for granted from time to time. So when one of those things hits me right in the face I need to stop and say thanks.

Yesterday I was sitting with our staff talking about the new series that begins this weekend called "DUDES." We began to discuss the fears that men face and how that shapes them. Things like the fear of failure, fear of blowing it and not following through with commitments, and many other fears.

The thought surfaced that many men don't become the person they need to be because they have doubts or they fear they will blow it. They fear failing and they continue to let this picture of failing keep them from stepping up.

It struck me like a ton of bricks that I really don't entertain that thought. I can't remember the last time I didn't do something because of the fear of failing or the fear of blowing it . Then as we talked more I realized that somewhere along the line as a kid I had parents that believed in me. Parents that told me that if someone else could do it then so could I.

I remember a mantra that we would shout in the station wagon as we drove along . It went like  this "Rain Hail, Lightning,Thunder, The Browns and the Andersons will never go under, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER! We would repeat it at the tops of our lungs over and over again. So yesterday I realized once again that my mom worked hard at pouring confidence in me and it still is impacting me today. Besides aren't all things possible with God?

I encourage you to be the kind of parent that instills confidence, security, and a relentless spirit in your kids! Thanks MOM!

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