Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My thoughts on Fight Club

Okay there is obviously a major move of God in our men at Grace Community Church right now. We find ourselves at a place that can only be explained as a God-thing. Years and years of going after the man has catapulted us to this moment.

It has been a dream of mine, and a  passion to see the Church of Jesus Christ become the hope of the world. I firmly believe it begins in the leadership of the men. I  often speak this mantra, "get the man you get the family, get the families you get the community, get the communities you get the world." Well, it is very possible that by God's grace and power and a large group of men stepping up that we will see that reality right now.

I love watching men come alive, I love calling them out and pulling the very best out of them. I love confronting them in love and pouring courage into them. I honestly lose sleep at night dreaming about this kind of stuff. Every part of my fiber exudes a desire to see men grow in Christ.

So we developed a brand new Men's Ministry that has been in lab for a long time.  This is not your typical Bible Study for men. To be quite frank these are ideas that our staff has talked about for years. These ideas feed how we do our ministries. These ideas are in a book that I am in the process of writing right now. This new endeavor which I believe connects with the heart of men in a fresh way is called "Fight Club."

So on a cold, wet, and rainy night at midnight we kicked off this new endeavor, and for 2 hours and 15 minutes 353 men met and heard the vision for this Quest. We read a creed we were given information and we quite frankly did what men enjoy doing. You had to be there to witness what we did, words will never describe what we were part of last night. I have never, yes never been part of anything like I witnessed last night as men sacrificed sleep, some just stayed up all night because they had to be at work at 5am. Others took naps at 8 pm so they could be alert. Some came and went home and slept for a few hours because they did not want to miss this.

So yes we have a creed and guidelines to live our lives by, and our desire is that our actions speak louder then our words. This fraternity of men just plain rocks and my hope is that every man makes it to the end and is rewarded at the ceremony. Some will not as it will not be easy to live out the creed.

So to each man that stepped up last night, know that I have your back covered and I am willing to do my very best to lead you so that the gates of hell are stomped and men of Jesus Christ boldly go where no man has ever witnessed the Church go! More to come later. Fight Club men remember your word is your bond!

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