Thursday, December 1, 2011

Inside my head

If I were able to share everything that is running through my mind right now it would leave some speechless. As a visionary leader of Grace Community Church I'm always looking ahead and asking God what is next. At the same time I am thanking him for what he is doing now. Yet I must be honest my head is exploding with what is next.

Right now they are numerous exciting things that me and God get to talk about a lot. I have found myself carrying around "almost realities" for most of my life. And now is one of those times. So once again I am sitting here and asking God to do what he is good at and make dreams come true.

Over the years at Grace I have witnessed great moves of God. I firmly believe this is one of those times and God is about to release these dreams. So would you join me me in prayer and just pray that God would intervene because it can only happen if he does? Would you pray that God would prepare us properly for these dreams?

As You pray just pray for a man named Andy and also for a group called Fight Club! On the verge of a miracle!

As I sit here typing if God would so choose to release these dreams in my head then Satan is ready for quite a butt-kickin!

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