Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Opposite hand

I have found that the times I have grown the most have been when I am forced to do something that isn't familiar. But after doing it a few times it shapes me into a better person.

In basketball at some point or another if you want to get to the next level you must be able to dribble with both hands. Because a defender will force you to your weak side and will expose your weakness.

Last night during warm ups Isaiah and his teammates were doing layups and were required to use their opposite hand. I enjoy watching warm ups because the coach in me watches the opposing team to see their strengths and weaknesses so that an edge can be gained.

I often wonder how often Satan sends his demons to watch our warm ups for the morning to see if we have proper training and practice before we walk into our day? I wonder if he is beating us up because we refuse to improve our left handed drills? I wonder if he has been using the same scheme to force us to our weak side for years and continues to win because we are not open to developing a well rounded life?

All that to say this, it is easy to operate in your strengths, but it is very challenging to go to our left hand and operate there. Maybe it is time we work on our weaknesses and make them our strengths too. Like the basketball player that can go both ways, a Christ follower that become the total package is more apt to come out on top when Satan comes a-knocking.

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