Friday, November 18, 2011


I am simply amused by all the Sports Commentators and Analysts as they try to figure out how the Denver Broncos continue to win with Tim Tebow at Quarterback.

It's simple it is called the x-factor. Tim Tebow has that unexplainable ability to make those around him believe that they can do it. He carries a godly confidence and humility that God seems to place his favor on. This team was 1-4 when he became starting quarterback and he has rallied them to a 4-1 record under his leadership.

When he steps on the field he firmly believes regardless of what he reads from critics that he can pull off the victory with God's help. When you bring a guy like Tim onto a sports team he carries the blessing of God with him. As Christ followers we call it the Joseph-factor. Everywhere Joseph went he was put in charge and even though he had his enemies and critics he somehow found himself in charge and in the end his favor was placed on them too.

The challenge for commentators is simply that they are trying to make Tim fit into their box of understanding football. But truth be known you can't explain him because when God puts favor on a man there is no explanation other then to say it's a God-thing. For God himself can't fully be explained.

What never gets covered in the press is the fact that few men work harder than Tim. Few men are willing to take a stand for Jesus like he does and few men are willing to respond to criticism with positive responses. Few men carry the badge of integrity and character that exudes from his persona. And few men have a relentless desire to succeed that motivates teammates to believe in themselves. Tim is not after a paycheck he just loves the game and leaves everything on the field every single time.

In a world of self-glorification, adulteries, strip club shootings and more, Tim is a breath of fresh air to those of us who long to follow hard after God. As a leader I constantly look for men that have the x-factor on them and surround myself with them. The x-factor will continue to dumbfound people who have yet to have it on their life. Can we finally put to this to bed by saying this, Tim you are good for our sport and our world because rarely do we see this kind of package wrapped up in a man!

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