Wednesday, November 9, 2011

To do or not to do

Everyday of our lives we have choices to make concerning what we will do with it. Every one of us has the chance to become who or what we were intended to be. Many choose to live their lives way short of where Christ intended them to be.

Most victories or successful achievements require hard work. I'm convinced it begins in our mind. There is that small amount of time between thought and action that will make or break the new you. With that being said if we are prone to think yes instead of thinking no so often we would accomplish so much more.

Everything we need to get in shape, spiritually, physically and emotionally is available to us in some form or another. But we still must choose to use the tools to work towards that end.

Such as this workout room at Grace Community, it is loaded with the tools to get us in shape. Each day it sits here and waits for individuals to come and use it. A few minutes ago I left this room after working out and I feel so much better because I pushed myself to get stronger.

The only way you can reach your redemptive potential is to get in the gym of life and quit letting the dust collect. The new you is waiting to rise from the ashes. What choice will you make in those few seconds between thought and action. A to-do person will always be on the front lines with Jesus!

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Jim Turnbo III said...

Very well put. Exercise puts you in the right state of mind and helps with confidence. That same confidence translates to just about every other aspect of your life.

Taking that first step is the most crucial. Whether it's professing your faith in Christ or walking into that gym for the first time, forward movement towards a goal will never steer you in the wrong direction.

You may trip, fall or get knocked down, but in strength you will get back up and be that much more determined.