Tuesday, November 8, 2011

where are you

Something broke loose Sunday at Grace. We started a brand new series called DUDES. The whole campus was flooded with men, cars parked in the grass, warm auditoriums, a fresh move of God was evident.

I long so very badly to see men live the way Jesus intends them to live. Yet the world has yet to see men live that way. In Genesis 3 soon after Adam and Eve sinned God goes looking for them and asks this Question to Adam,"Where are you?"

To be quite frank he is still asking that question today, Where is the man? Well truth be told he is playing video games 4 hours a day, watching TV for 5 hours and wasting his life away. Satan has him right where he wants him.

Yet the minute he begins to follow hard after Jesus he is opposed because the Enemy is afraid of him.

As I wrapped up our services on Sunday we chanted together from the tops of our lungs what we know to be true from Joshua 1:9. Men in order to advance the kingdom, we must band together and align our lives with Jesus and get on mission by being  bold and courageous, without fear and discouragement, and realizing that God is there with us!

May we be the church that storms the gates of hell with forceful men forcefully advancing the kingdom. May God not find us hiding but leading the charge into the Enemy's territory! Too much is at stake to do otherwise!

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