Thursday, December 15, 2011

Modern day Hero

Many of you will never meet this man in the picture above. Many have no clue as to how he is impacting the world. But a few years back on a trip to Asia he saw the injustices in our world and it kept him awake at night. He couldn't just go to his 9-5 job in Ohio and forget what was happening in Cambodia and Thailand with orphaned children.

So he began to dream about a way to rescue some of these children. He met with another man named Dave and literally the two of them began to sketch out a ministry called Asia's Hope. This ministry was a dream over breakfast and worked its way from their hearts, to a piece of paper, to reality.

Realizing that they could not overlook this injustice they did something about it and began a ministry called Asia's Hope. Its started out small, but God began to do some miraculous things through this man and many others. And today 100's and 100s of kids have been pulled from villages, slums, dumps, and now are rescued.

His name is John McCullom. You will not find his face on the front page of Newsweek, but it should be. As you can tell from the picture above the children love him. He is impacting the world in an eternal way. He labors hard, his family labors with him, he has battled dengue fever, probably aged many years as a result of leading this cause. Yet when he stands in front of Jesus at the Bema seat and he hears the squeals in heaven from all the kids he has rescued and now know Jesus Christ personally, I am convinced he will hear these words "Well Done John McCullom, Well Done!"

The world needs more John McCulloms' for he is a modern day Hero! And I say thank you John!

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Dar said...

Agree! Thank you for your faithfulness John! Partnering with Asia's Hope has helped to transform missions at Crossroads! I am blessed to call you brother!
Darlene Rudrick