Tuesday, December 13, 2011

gone but not forgotten

It is easy to go onto the next new challenge, business deal, accomplishment or new endeavor without taking time and thanking those that helped to make it happen.

One of the goals I have again this year is to not forget those that have worked hard to make great things happen at Grace. Sometimes the blessings one generation receives comes as a result of the faithfulness of the previous decades of people.

Church ministry is often that way. Faithful people who labored in prayer for God to come through in miraculous ways often don't get to experience the outpouring of his favor during their lives.

On Sunday I pulled out a photo from 1974 of Grace Community Church. It exploded with polyester, stripes and many other fashions from that era. Yet what struck me was this reality. We would not be here today and seeing the explosive move of God had it not been for this small faithful group.

So today, once again I say thank you to those that have went before me and labored diligently, prayed fervently and begged God to reach this community in a huge way. Many of you might be gone but in my heart today you are not forgotten! Thank you!

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