Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Our staff at Grace Community

We often are asked how large our paid staff is at Grace Community. Well here ya go! As of this morning we have 13 hardworking men and women who do so much, yet often do not get recognition they deserve for it.

Across the front from left to right, Pastor Jeremy our Next Generation and Worship Pastor. Jeff Valderamma our facility coordinator. Yours truly. Pastor Jon our Children's Pastor. Pastor Jeremiah our Worship Pastor. Pastor Rich our Youth Pastor.

Across the back from Left to right, Marky Goon Office Assistant. Darlene Pinion, Office Manager. Cindy Hawkins, Pre-school Director. Sharon Koble, Office Assistant. Jana Foust, Custodial Assistant. Scott Avey, Tech Director.

So from all of us to you, Merry Christmas!

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