Sunday, February 12, 2012

bubble wrapped Christians

Yes this is picture of many Christians in our world. Yes we can look this goofy, yet have become so accustomed to living this way that we do not even realize it. Yes we live as if God is unable to protect us in dangerous situations.

Yet the Bible is clear that we are to be sent as sheep among wolves, not sheep among sheep. If we spend our entire lives living in a bubble with the Christian mainstream culture and never engage the worldly culture then we might as well tell people that we don't care if they go to hell.

The Christian life was not meant to  be lived in the safety zone, to live this way is to undermine the will of God for our lives.

Let me ask you a question, are your more concerned about your safety or are you willing to step in the danger zone and live out your faith. SO as I walked into the service today to open up the message it was a real reminder of how we really look.

Maybe instead of praying only for protection for our children we need to pray for boldness, uncommon boldness. My fear is this, if we live this way and our kids do too, then they will find themselves defenseless when they are asked to live in the real world!

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