Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I just returned from NYC after spending a few days there with some very influential ministry leaders in our world. I was able to spend time with Tim Keller and AR Benard. These men are known in this metropolis as the two most influential protestant evangelicals Leaders.

While there we were able to take in a few ministries and visit Brooklyn, Flushing,and  Manhattan. I was overwhelmed with the number of people groups that live in NYC. It definitely is a very un-evangelized area but the potential for New Church plants is unbelievably good.

Everywhere you look here on Broadway is someone trying to convince you buy their product. Signs, Billboards, people with handouts and advertisements littered the streets . In the midst of all of these signs was this one above. To be quite honest this is the picture that so many lost people have of Christians. 

We stand on one side with our signs and we never engage the culture by living with them and loving them and building relationships. I found myself torn in my spirit because the money that was spent on this sign could have been replaced by people who genuinely care about others and look for ways to engage them instead of sending them to a website.

After a few days there I realized that we need Christians to get jobs in the market place so that the good news of Jesus Christ can be lived out in front of a lost city that is only 1% evangelized. Please God raise up workers for the harvest because the harvest is ripe for good news!

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Don Julian said...

I would have loved to have been with you!