Thursday, March 1, 2012

a strange thing happens when

When you walk the streets of NYC near Times Square a strange thing happens, you feel the need to look up. And this photo indicates that truth. I found myself doing the same thing. 

The buildings were bright, colorful, full of lights, video was jumping off the monitors and you immediately were pulled into an upward posture with your head. 

Yet, not everyone did this,while thousands of people were doing this, thousands more were walking with their heads down. It was a strange phenomenon to watch. In fact, you could tell the visitors from the locals. The locals no longer saw what we saw. They had become no longer enamored with the full arsenal of glitz. In fact, they seemed to have cared very little about it. They were now just passing through rushing to their next destination point.

They lost the awe and wonder of what was around them. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks we do the same thing as Christ followers. God's incredible, marvelous, splendorous display of creation screams at us everyday yet we have become bored with him and his wonders and aimlessly run to our next destination .

Maybe its time we pull away again and  we stand amazed at who our God is, and remove the blinders of stuff and schedules from our eyes. So that we can be like the men in this picture who literally had to stop and say look at that. Ask yourself this question, has your awe and wonder of God diminished? I long to be like the visitor and not the local!

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