Tuesday, March 20, 2012


I am a very creative person. God has wired me that way, ideas come from all kinds of things that I see, taste, and meditate on. I could be in a very serious conversation and the person I am talking with says something, and a trigger of creativity explodes. I have strategically placed note pads in my house, jeep, office, back pack, and a few other places so that I can record things when they run through my mind.

I could be watching a game and bam an idea jumps off the screen, its as if it was waiting to get out. Some people are springs they produce ideas while others are seas they collect ideas. My staff has both kinds of men on it. I am a spring exploding with new things.

I can't force creativity, it just happens however I can definitely choke it off. One of the ways I can choke it off, is if my life is cluttered, out of whack, and has no order to it. So in order for me to open the channel of creativity I cannot have lingering clutter that needs put away.

I am a highly organized person, and so is my wife so that makes it much easier. We rarely have piles of disorder laying around our house. It just feels good to put it away and organize it. My office must be in order for me to find creativity in or I will dry up. So I just did a renovation to my office. I added color, framed things that were of value to me, and cleaned up the clutter. It quite frankly rocks and now can be a place of order and creativity for me. I'm praying that my office now becomes a place where fresh ideas bounce off the wall and are used to point thousands to Jesus! Ah I love this wall!

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