Saturday, March 24, 2012

releasing control

I really do not fear what is to come. Even as I awoke this morning early for a 6AM elder board meeting and began my day I have no fear of the day ahead. Yet, I wonder how many people in our world lose sleep over what is ahead of them?

You see I also work hard at living my life to please God and not man. So, if I live in a such a way that follows hard after him then I have no fear of what man has to say. There is a deep sense of security that comes knowing that God has my life in his hands and he controls my future and  that he will never leave me nor forsake me. There is also great confidence in living out my life to win his approval and not man's approval.

It all comes back to what you place your trust and faith in. Is it God or man? As I was driving over this bridge into St. Petersburg last week I was reminded of some of these truths. In the same way, I had complete trust in this suspended bridge to not collapse and get me to my destination ahead; I had even more confidence that God was carrying me through that day.

All that to say this, I want to live in such a way, regardless of the uncertainty in my life, that I would never fear crossing over to a new thing, new land, new home, new position, new challenge, or new struggle. Because my God  knows what is best for me and how long he wants me to be around to fulfill his work on earth! For you see, I'm not in control, but Jesus is and he knows what is best for me!

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