Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Timely word

For some reason God is really wanting me to be reminded of the brevity of life and the hope we can have on the other side of death.

Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to speak to a great group of local business leaders at the Goshen Noontime Kiwanis. I was asked a few weeks ago to talk about Easter. As I prayed and sought God on the nature of my talk, he kept saying, "Jim tell them about the hope that comes from the resurrection." So I prepared a message with that in mind.

As I shared it seemed like God really wanted this message to get out there. Even after I finished speaking, the room was pin drop quiet. It was as if God walked into the room and said hush. I left the meeting and headed out with my wife Anne, we talked about the warm gathering and the events of the hour. My wife is very in tune with God and she said, "Jim, that was just a powerful message of hope." As I shared I reminded this dear group that even if I were to pass away today I had hope in Jesus and my next breath would be in his presence. And that the Resurrection gives us hope that we can trust Jesus.

Later in that very day if not during that same hour a message came back to this group that one of their very own had died in a snorkeling accident in Belize. He was an active member. I marvel at the timeliness of God's word.

So today, as I was driving back to the office I was  stopped by a funeral procession heading to the graveyard. In fact, the light  turned green as I sat at the intersection so I became the first car at the end of this procession. Even though I was not in the funeral, cars along the way stopped and pulled off the side of the road for me. Because it looked like I was a part of this grieving group.

So maybe, God wants me to pass this on to you today. There is great hope beyond the grave when you have Jesus as your Lord and Savior. There is no reason to fear death in this life because Jesus is waiting on the other side. For some reason Jesus is reminding me of this again today. I have no reason to fear I know who holds my life in his hands. 

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