Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Successful leader

I love this picture because it captures the essence of a good leader. He takes time between points in life to encourage, instruct, and share info to make adjustments for what is coming ahead. 

Hannah was playing in a singles match at Culver on Saturday against a girl from Penn High School. During the match her coach took time to encourage her. The girl she was playing against could most likely be the number 3 singles champion in the State. Hannah was playing as good as I have ever seen her play on Saturday. 

She had the girl talking to herself and at one point very flustered. It was as if she knew where the girl was going to hit it. Needless to say the girl began to gather some momentum and pull ahead and after a rally which put the other girl ahead, Fairfield's coach called Hannah over and encouraged her.

I asked her later what he said, and she shared that he told her that she was probably playing the future state champion. He told her to learn from this experience and become a better player as a result of the  match. That is the essence of a great coach. He has the ability to motivate and instruct his teammates to become better without beating them up. Hannah responded valiantly to the instruction and the best came out of her.

In my mind as a leader if your actions cause others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a successful leader!

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