Friday, May 4, 2012

Warning signs

This is the dash of my Jeep. As you can see, I am low on gas. In fact, the light is on indicating that I need to put some gas in the tank now. 

I had to chuckle, because it was also on yesterday when I pulled out of the driveway, and I just thought I could go another day and hope for the best. To be quite honest, I often drive with the warning light on and try to go as far as I can until I fill up the tank. 

The same is true in our marriages, we often get warning signs that something is wrong and we let it go, saying that we can attend to it later. Yet, how often do we find ourselves on the side of the road broken down and crying out for help, totally messing up our day when we have let it run empty?

All that to say this, what warning signs have you put off, hoping that somehow they would go away or could be taken care of later? Maybe you better go fill up the tank that needs some attention before you end up with a major disruption and issue.

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