Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wise words from Dr. Soto

As a college student I will never forget the words from Dr. Soto in a class that I was sitting in at Grace College. He said  "the depth of your knowledge will be determined by the breadth of your library." I remember sitting in class and being convicted by that statement.

That truth is manifested over and over again everyday in ministry for me. If I want to continue to grow personally in my walk with God and lead from the front, I must be a life-long learner. I personally set goals each year in reading books and reading the Word of God. We must be intentional in growing or it won't happen. 

I read all the time, books, journals, articles, blogs, magazines and listen to podcast, videos and people. I never want to get to a point where I feel like I have arrived.

So, as I have been prepping for this marriage series each week, I went to my library and pulled out books that I have already read and gleaned truth from them. Obviously the Bible is the standard and filter by which I measure these books. So I ask you today, what is your personal growth plan in your life? What are you reading and how are you planning to widen your knowledge?

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