Friday, June 1, 2012


Today we arrived at the home of our children. As we drove back the lane, in the distance, we could see the kids anxiously awaiting our arrival. They had received news that we were on our way. As we got closer the van we were in began to buzz with excitement.

We could see them because they were jumping, squealing, laughing, and clapping in the distance. As soon as we opened the doors they lunged at us and then I heard those words that soften the knees of strong men. The words " Daddy" 

Each child was squealing Daddy, Daddy, Daddy... Then they followed it up with, I miss you, I love you, I pray for you. Well, as a father of 3 incredible children already, when that is spoken on the other side of the world it moves you deeply.

When a dad knows his kids love him and are praying for him, what else does he need?

I am in tears as I write this, because had it not been for Asia's Hope and Grace Community Church then these kids would not have this family. As we entered the home, I was hugged, my hands and arms were held and my 40 pound backpack landed on the back of a 50 pound boy. I then began to hand out pictures of my wife Anne and my family. 

As I walked back into their bedrooms I could see pictures from previous trips lining the walls of their beds. They had even run ahead and stuck the new ones up. 

Then on the wall was this poster, pictured above. For you can see as they sleep each night, there is a reminder that someone loves them. This daddy's heart is a little weepy right now, because imagine where they might be had we not taken this leap of faith? I love being a daddy!

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