Thursday, June 28, 2012

Find your finish line

Every one of us has a point where we have exhausted our mental, spiritual, and emotional resource tank. We spend the majority of our days running at a very brisk pace where the output needle is pegged. With that being said, we need to refuel our tanks. If we don't than we will burn out.

I have spent the majority of my life with a full schedule, family, ministry, and extra-curricular activities. There never seems to be an end to my to-do list, nor can I ever just blow things off. God has placed me in positions where I am able to lead others. With that being said, in order for me to operate at maximum performance I must find ways to recover, refresh and replenish all areas of my life.

Even in this photo above, I was nearing the finish line in a marathon, while I was still alive and breathing, my body was saying " just get me to the finish line so that I can recover." We do not come to the finish line and keep running another marathon, we take time to recover. 

I think it is wise to find finish lines to your day and to your week, so that you can recover. I have those in place for my day and for the week. Its amazing how much I look forward to Sunday after the 3rd service, because I know that by God's grace I have reached the finish line and now can spend the next day recovering in my own way. It also has helped me to be able to say no, to other requests that want to keep me from recovering.

I encourage you to find a finish line, if you do not then you will be ineffective as a leader and you are limiting how God can use you in the long run...

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