Wednesday, June 20, 2012

pin drop moments

Every so often, unexpectantly, God shows up and says I am here! I love when that happens, its as if time is frozen and your breathing becomes deeper and everything slows down.

For many months now we have been assembling a resource for men in our world. We have labored hard, prayed unceasingly, and worked to develop a product to deliver to the masses. We are almost there! 

We truly desire that it be used to change the trajectory of men's lives, to catapult their walks with Jesus. It has great potential to do just that. In fact, we have witnessed it first hand here at Grace Community. So last night we gathered with over a 100 men and laid hands on the cases that will ship this product and prayed for those that will be receiving this resource.

It was an epic moment! May Jesus be glorified and may every person that unpacks their box be keenly aware that they have been prayed for. Please God take this Fight Club resource and bless it!

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