Wednesday, August 29, 2012

the simple things

Last night after shooting some hoops with Isaiah he grabbed a magnifying glass and did what every boy loves to do; burn something with a magnifying glass.

As I watched him grab a pellet from a soft air pellet gun and cause it to smoke, I instantly was taken back to my childhood days. It sure seems like those days were filled with building a tree house, tearing a bike apart and putting it back together,sticking baseball cards in my spokes and making my bike sound mean, grabbing my BB gun and taking out a few starlings, building a log raft and floating it down the creek, playing sandlot baseball for hours and choosing teams for hide-n-go-seek at night. 

I wonder if those simple things have been lost in our world today? Sure we need new things and we need to progress but I wonder sometimes if we have lost the ability to create!

Maybe, its just that I miss the simple days of building forts, and making something out of nothing. Or maybe there is just some great intrinsic value in doing something that requires you to utilize a resource that is already available and having fun with it.

Well, midnight talks in a tree house that brought a sense of mystery, mystique, and rich brotherhood has been been lost to a computer screen of angry birds! I Sure Hope Not! I think we still need the simple things!

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