Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Behind the scenes

To say that this Sunday was one for the records is an understatement. We had planned for 50 scheduled baptisms, but after delivering a message on baptism we gave people a chance to be baptized who weren't on our contacted list. Well, another 35 men and women came forward and were baptized in their Sunday clothes and left our services with wet clothes.

Through the years we have created a culture to respond in the moment when God is moving. As a result of that 1000's have been saved, 2 orphanages were built, 1000's of coats dropped off at the stage for the shivering in Chicago, 1000's of shoes collected and people left our services shoe-less, and on and on...

So, when we walk into Sunday morning gatherings at Grace Community, I will often say, "okay lets do all we can do, and stick our necks out on the line and chance looking really stupid, if God does not come through." 

Seriously, we have built bridges for people to walk from death to life in salvation, had electricians construct walls with 150 lights and switches that needed to be turned on, as people trusted Jesus as their LORD and Savior. The list goes on...

I firmly believe that if you plan a service and leave the "God Please Come Through" moment out of it, then why meet. Because you have left God out of your planning. 

All that to say this, there are so many things God wants to do in and through his people, but we never give him a chance to do it. Even in our baptisms, we truly believe that the Great Commission was given as a command to individual Christians so we encourage them to baptize those that they have discipled.

As in the case above, Bill who is holding his son, was baptized by Jon and Jeff, and then baptized his own son. I love moments like these when you witness all the people involved in discipleship process! Always give God a chance to be God in your lives!

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