Thursday, November 15, 2012

if you are considering marriage

Just a few thoughts before you marry:

It is possible to think that the one you are with now is the one for you to marry but they might not be...

1.Because ... you are being pressured by thinking they must be since you have been together for so long
2. Because ... no one else is presently in your sphere of living that has "all" the godly qualities you want, so you settle for less than what you wanted
3. Because ... you are growing closer to Jesus and they are growing away from him, and you think that marriage will bring them closer to Jesus
4. Because ... the one you really long to be with has a boyfriend/girlfriend already and you think they will never be available
5. Because ... you believe this is first person who has really ever showed you attention and loved you, and no one else ever will
6. Because ... all of your friends are married and you need to do the same even if you really don't love this person
7. Because ... you  think you have to, since you made some poor sinful decision sexually and now find yourself pregnant 
8. Because ... you are getting ready to graduate from College and it is the next best thing to do, and you fear that somehow you will never have another chance to meet someone else.
9. Because ... you know deep down, this would not be your first and best choice for a spouse, but you are willing to blow through all the Red Flags that the Spirit brings your way.
10. Because ... you long to have children and you think this is best chance to do so and this person will be able to provide financial security and sperm to do so.

When you know it is time to marry:

1. Your list of what you want in future mate has been checked off and you have not settled on any issue
2. No one else explodes your heart away emotionally, spiritually, or physically like this person does
3. You are rock solid in your personal relationship with Jesus
4. You cannot imagine living and spending the rest of your life with anyone else but this person
5. Your future mate has a rock solid relationship with Jesus
6. You do not feel pressured to do so because of time, people, money, or situations
7. You can together be totally independent of your parent's financial help to take full responsibility of your financial needs
8. You can lay in bed at night all by yourself, when no one else is there and smile, knowing that you just robbed the bank of love with this future mate.
9. You have worked through all of your secret sins
10. You can say yes to your vows and commit 100% to them until death parts you from your future mate. 

And when you can check off this list it makes saying I do, so much easier. I found that kind of mate!

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