Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Most never experience this

One year ago today, after competing in the Tough Mudder as a staff, we sat in our staff meeting reflecting on what had happened that weekend. Out of that meeting came the idea for Fight Club. 5 men sitting in the local  Starbucks dreaming about a not-yet-to-be ministry called Fight Club.

We were blown away by what God was showing us, and quite frankly we knew it was from God. We sketched out a plan on our Ipads and set into motion some concepts and ideas that soon were put into action. It truly was a god-thing. Now one year later and three chapters of Fight Club, we have learned some amazing things about men. They grow when they live in rich brotherhood and accountability.

Let me explain. Most men never experience real accountability, and as a result of that, never live to their redemptive potential. Most men do not have a brother that will call them out and ask the hard questions. Most men never go below the surface in an honest evaluation of their deepest darkest struggles and pains.

Most ministries are aligned to keep men from going below the surface and thus men never really are challenged to grow and find freedom. As a result, most men have compatibility partners and not real accountability. 

I wish you could see what I see everyday here at Grace Community. Men sharpening men and calling the best out of each other. Men who weren't even in the battle now becoming the men God created them to be. Show me a man that has a brother pushing the best out of him, and I will show a man that is fully alive. 

Even in the photo above, how often do your get a chance to see men lock arms in prayer at 2:00 AM in the morning? All that to say this, I can spot a man who is being held accountable and I can spot a man who is longer in accountability. The point is this, show me a man who has given up on accountability and I will show you a man that is headed to the stands becoming a fan, instead of being engaged in the Battle!  

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