Friday, November 9, 2012

Just blown away

There have been few times in my life that I have ever had this kind of encouragement dumped on me at one time. This past week I have received a "landslide of Encouragement." Let me explain...

I just happen to be the Founder of a Brand New Ministry called Fight Club. It is a ministry designed to help men become the men Jesus has created them to be. It is a 12 week intense discipleship journey that pushes men in 4 areas, the Physical, Intellectual, Spiritual and Relational areas of their lives. It is homegrown and was birthed from the need in our world to see men become tender warriors who lead well. My Mantra has always been this, "if you get the man, you get the family, you get community, and you get the world."

After our initial release of this product in California, in August we have sold kits all across America, Canada, and even into Haiti. God has his hand on this and we have personally witnessed almost 700 men here at Grace Community walk through Fight Club. 

I have had many moments along the way that have encouraged me deeply concerning FC, and they have always come because of watching a changed life, a changed marriage, and a changed Church. Yet, I have never been bombarded with such incredible encouragement as I did this week from men who are in the journey. Story after story from men that I have never met before wrote me and told me how FC is changing their lives. I have been in tears reading these letters, because inside of me is a fire that burns brightly to reach men.

I will give you two small lines in these letters: 

"in my 30 years of ministry, I have never seen a men's ministry model that has had such an impact on changing men's lives... I'm finding myself sprinting to stay up with men I thought had to be drug in their commitment to God, the Church and their families" 

" We honor your gift of leadership of obedience to the LORD, God has used you in an incredible way, that we are very grateful for. Honored to fight alongside of you." 

Deeply moved this morning and may God use Fight Club to reach 1000's more. 

Just blown away....

Fight on, Fight Club men out there!


Unknown said...

I was just thinking this week how your mom made it all possible and I'd like to also honor her dedication to the Lord and to the Brown family. Her actions have literally changed the lives of men everywhere.

I in no way wish to minimize what you personally have done - we men in Fight Club know through unspoken words and countless hours of gut-wrenching labor that you have been bestowed with exceptional gifts and the grace to make up for what remains to lead this great cause through arduous example. I thank you and honor you for taking the mantle you've been given and pushing against all barriers seen and unseen through sweat and prayers to realize the advance of the kingdom in the hearts of men everywhere.

Jim Brown said...

Totally agree whoever you are... If you have ever heard me speak of my mom in person, it would attest to what you are saying. My mom deserves great praise! thank you for lifting up my dear and precious mom Bev!